Published a book
After many months of work, the second edition of Practical Docker With Python is available on SpringerLink, Amazon (US, India), O’Reilly Learning (formerly Safari Books Online) and probably every other online bookstore.

The second edition, much like the first edition, targets people who are new to containerization and want a guided approach to containerizing their application.

I start with setting up a Python Telegram bot, building and running it as a program, and then continue containerizing the same bot, starting with steps to build the Dockerfile, adding volumes for persisting the data, setting up Docker networks for container networking, and finally multi-container orchestration with Docker Compose.

I hope the second edition is a value add and you like it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Feedback, of course, is always welcome. My Twitter DMs are always open, or you can reach out to me on the channels mentioned on the contact page.